Mark Doudlah followed his father into the farming industry…

Mark graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1989 with a degree in Agricultural Mechanization and Management. He worked for JI Case (Tenneco) as a Tractor Test Engineer in Hinsdale, Illinois for three years. Mark was responsible for research, development and testing of agricultural tractors including assessments of performance, quality, reliability, cost improvements and customer acceptance.

President of Agrecol Corporation for more than a decade while simultaneously farming. Agrecol is currently one of the largest producers of native local eco-type species in the Midwest.   Here Mark and Staff took the native seed industry to a new level of cleanliness, seed flow ability and PLS by increasing the predictability of prairie establishment. Mark also co-authored the publication entitled “Growing Wisconsin Energy; A Native Grass Pellet Bio-Heat Roadmap for Wisconsin”.

Mark is currently the 4th generation of farmers rotating corn, beans and wheat on 1,600 acres near Cooksville. Additionally, he was an early adopter of one pass no-till and minimum tillage systems. He has integrated 15” row spacing in all crops with controlled traffic tram lanes. And now has an organic cropping system on 1750 acres using cover crops. Including 3 Dane County Parks which Mark is transitioning to organic for Dane County. Mark of Doudlah Farms is enrolled CSP and EQUIP. Doudlah-Porter Farms has a long family heritage of Soil Conservation; since 1855.

Since, Mark’s father also a pioneer in his field, was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma 2008, a Midwest Farmer’s Cancer. Told that dad contracted this cancer from degreasers, pesticides and fertilizers. Earl Doudlah lost his life to cancer in 2011. Mark decided to transition 40 acres to organic in dad’s honor. Today, Mark and Lucy have transitioned 1750 acres to organic, including sibings; Margaret & Dick Wacker’s land, his family farm and on-going mentoring; Matt Haddinger and his farm post father’s death. This is not an easy achievement.

While farming, Mark has been a Mentor, Key Note Speaker, held annual farm fields days reaching nearly 1000 farmers. Mark is an educator of soil health and plant health and how it relates to human health.

Mark currently has a seat on the Cropping Systems Trail Advisory Board of Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania. Rodale has practiced for sixty years, researching the best practices of organic agriculture and sharing their findings with farmers and scientists throughout the world, advocating for policies that support farmers, and educating consumers about how going organic is the healthiest option for people and the planet.

Doudlah Farms, LLC is Certified through MOSA for Organics.

Doudlah Farms, LLC is also a Certified Yahara Pride Farm.  The certified Yahara Pride Farm members are required to meet a high standard (80% rating based on a point system) that is an evaluation of all components (facilities, fields, etc.) of their farm. The certified members have made a commitment to improve conservation on their operation as suggested by the resource managers and have proven to be dedicated to protecting soil and water resources in the watershed.

2017, Mark was nominated to sit on the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council. The Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council’s purpose is to give guidance to the governor, DATCP, the Wisconsin Legislature and other state or federal agencies about actions that could further Wisconsin’s organic agriculture industry. Council answers to Secretary, Ben Brancel​, Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection appointed by Governor Scott Walker.

Member of American Society of Agricultural Engineers.
Received Community Rotary Award for Service 1984
Co-Author of “Growing Wisconsin Energy: A Native Grass Pellet Bio-Heat Roadmap for Wisconsin”
Received FFA Award for Outstanding Production Specialist 2012
National Life-Time Member FFA Alumni
Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association, Inc
Member of stakeholder advisory committee for a USDA
Certified Yahara Pride Farm 2016
Certified Organic with MOSA

Key Note Speaker:
MOSES (Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Services)
Western Illinois University
Minnesota Organic Conference
OGRAIN – UW Madison
Soil and Water Conservation
Webinars on Cover Crops and Pest Management (ASA-SSSA Education)
American Society of Agronomy
North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Rodale Institute Awards Banquet
Guest Speaker at Agri-Energy Resources

Mark’s Farming practices have been featured in Agri-View, Wisconsin State Farmer and Rodale’s Organic Life Magazine.

Mark and Lucy met 2010 and married June 2013. Lucy co-owned her own farm together with sister in North Dakota and still owns mineral rights on such farm. As Big Box Retail Manager, Lucy gave-up her career to assist Mark in his farming practices and to raise their Blended Family. Currently, son; Raymond is graduating MSOE with bachelors in Bio-Medical Engineering, Emily is starting her graduate program at Lombard National University of Health Sciences for Chiropractic and Doctor of Naturopathy. Son; Jason is at UW-Stevens Point studies in Organic Soil Science and Agriculture Sustainability.

Mark, Lucy & Family raised pastured-organic-soy free, turkeys, meat chickens, heritage pork, beef and eggs. Once products are certified organic; will be sold under trade name FarmRite Organics™

Mark & Lucy are hopefully passing on these valuable lessons to their children regarding biological production agriculture, a rural work ethic and involving them in their community.