Inventing New & Improved Methods of Organic Farming


Helping Farmers Transition to Organic Farming

Easing the Transition from Traditional to Organic Farming

We have a transition plan prepared for farmers that wish to change to organic farming methods. Follow the steps outlined in our webinar series, and then experience the return on investment.

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Hosting Events to Promote the Benefits of Organic Farming

Each year we host a Field Day as well as other events that allow farmers interested in organic farming to learn more about the latest methods. We take pride in educating farmers from all over the country at our events.

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Increasing the Awareness of Health Risks from Pesticides

The research on the impact of toxic pesticides and herbicides on the health of our society is extensive. Doudlah Farms not only educates on the benefits of organic farming, but they also educate on the health risks associated with traditional farming.

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“How and Why Our Farm Transitioned to Organic”

Family History

“Mark Doudlah followed his father into farming…”